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mask artist : Kotaro Sakazume

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A single-flower vase in the shape of a face. Depending on the plants arranged in it, you can enjoy various expressions. It comes with a box to hold the product, an instruction manual, and a pin to install it.
*Caution: this product is porcelain. It may break if it falls from a high place or is treated roughly.


If the face is a vessel for “something,” is that “something” not emotions? For example, the human emotions of joy, anger, pathos, and humor, or love for someone. The facial vessel changes its shape depending on its content and creates a multitude of expressions.

However, KAZURA is made of porcelain and has a hard face, so it cannot create expressions. Even if it wants to express emotions, it remains expressionless. Thus, we would like you to arrange beautifully-shaped leaves and vibrantly-colored flowers to make an expression for KAZURA on its behalf.

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