TOKYO MASK FESTIVALは、年に1~2回開催される「日本最大級の仮面の展示・即売会」です。日本全国からマスクアーティストや愛好家が集まり、展示会を楽しみながら交流を深めます。

TOKYO MASK FESTIVALのオンラインショップでは、現代の日本のマスク作家の作品を中心に、伝統的な仮面も含めた様々な仮面をご紹介しています。きっとお気に入りのマスクが見つかるはずです。




Tokyo Mask Festival is “The largest exhibitions and sales of masks in Japan” held once or twice a year. Mask artists and mask enthusiasts gather from all over Japan to enjoy the exhibition and interact with each other.

Tokyo Mask Festival online provides you a wide variety of masks, particularly of contemporary Japanese mask makers but also traditional masks. You’ ll surely find your favorite masks. We ship our masks to destinations all over the world. They are only available online during the festival.

Click here for the event website (Japanese only)

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